A group of Russian and CIS translators in legal, technical and business specialities. We are all graduates of special translators departments of Russian and former USSR Republican Linguistic Universities and Institutes. Our translators are people gifted in languages, with the capability to write fluent Russian and corresponding target languages.

We speak and write your language and your reader will readily understand it.

Adekvat is a team of experts specialised in the translation of documents in foreign languages, interpretation of negotiations etc. Since our company is more than 20 years old, we have been able to assist many companies in establishing themselves in Russian market and markets of the formers USSR Republics. Our contribution has included the translation of booklets, catalogues, sales presentations and contracts into the languages of the respective target market. Adekvat cooperates with more than 50 freelance translators who have been subject to stringent language tests. In our database, they are classified on the basis of several criteria, such as training, experience gained in certain special fields and continuous assessment of performed orders.

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